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Noplace (2007-2008)

A series of physical and online art installations exploring visions of paradise. The artwork takes feeds from networked society—images, sound and text—as raw material to generate shared and personal utopias.

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In a series of projects, Marek Walczak and I have revisited the theme of spaces and architectures created from information. Noplace extends those spaces to the ultimate limit, to paradise—or rather, to the realm of possible paradises.

The project takes utopian images and music from collective feeds. The output is multiple, personalized visions of utopia incorporating concepts from peace to rapture in vibrant, evolving multimedia environments. A museum installation includes multiple screens of different utopian visions, while a companion web version of the piece allows viewers to create personalized Noplace worlds.

A first conceptual version of Noplace was presented at the Netherlands Media Art Institute in 2007, and a full installation (six projection screens with an additional touch screen) premiered in June 2008 at the Synthetic Times exhibit at the National Art Museum of China.

The web edition of Noplace, sponsored by the Tate Gallery in London, launched in September 2008. The site allows viewers to create and publish short videos based on their own utopian visions.

Some stills from the piece follow.

The projections (Synthetic Times exhibit):

Touch screen interface (Synthetic Times exhibit):

This and subsequent images are from individual screens: